Sankalp – Student’s Clubs


Student’s Achievements Under Snkalp

 “Everything is easy when you are crazy about it and nothing is easy when you are lazy about it”

-Swami Vivekanand

“Sankalp” literally meaning pledge, is a venture by Echelon students to create a platform to nurture their skills and exhibit them in different domains and get exposed to the outside industrial world. Sankalp – a society of the students, by the students, for the students, nurtures their skills and exhibits them through various activities of the clubs. Students with diverse interests ranging from dance to community services can join any of the clubs as is mentioned according to their preferences and explore their talents.

The Sankalp envelops the following Clubs:

Robotics Club empowers its members as analytical and creative thinkers who are effective team players with great perseverance. The club connects internationally so that members can interact socially as well as professionally and exchange their ideas to acquire knowledge about latest trends in technology. It encourages the enthusiastic Echelonians in inventing new technical devices and provides facilities with proper environment. Read More….

To nurture the technical capabilities of the students through better innovation and practical implementation of knowledge gained. Electronika – Technical Club inculcates modern technical skills among students. It is a platform for platform to nurture tech-savvy innovators to indulge into various activities and grasp knowledge about the subject and new technologies. Read More….

SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers. SAEINDIA is a professional engineering society whose membership represents practically every engineering and scientific discipline. It deals in workshops, seminars and some job opportunities to students in automotive sectors. It holds 3 major events like BAJA, SUPRA, FORMULA 1. The vision of this club is to continuously enrich knowledge base of practitioners in mobility industry and institutions in the service of humanity. Read More…

Design and Manufacturing Club imparts knowledge of Design & Manufacturing to the students, to convert a theoretical problem into a physical project. The ambition of this club is to improve the quality of designing by frequent workshops on Design approach, Drafting, Manufacturing & Analysis on every fields of Designing by college faculty & professionals from leading designing.

Forensics Club is a platform to enhance the skills of the engineers in the area of cyber forensics & ethical hacking and its practices. It shares the knowledge and provides a platform for the members of the club in the field of cyber forensics and ethical hacking. It is a vast field where students will be able to test their technical and managerial skills.

Avant Garde is a club for the upcoming Civil Engineers who aim to pioneer in their subject and have a spirit to learn the technicalities and advancements in the field. The key objective is to provide them opportunities to learn to develop structure and understand material well.

Automate club is versatile club for gaining the knowledge of all purpose of automation in manufacturing industry. This club organizes the workshop and seminar in our campus which is related about new technology emerges in industry and also provides the knowledge of advance manufacturing technology. The vision of this club is to continuously enrich knowledge base of practitioners in manufacturing industry and institutions in the service of humanity.

The goal of the club is to enhance creative energy and to provide a platform to explore the hidden potential of students who are passionate in dancing, singing, theatre, art, fashion and make the campus life a joyful journey for them. This club motivates the students to bring students together so that they can learn, practice and harness their skills with joy.

  • Chitrasalabh – The art and Decoration Group
  • Taal – The Dance Group
  • Raag – The Music Group
  • Abhimanch – The Theatre Group
  • Adaa-Fashion Group


The vision of Carpe Diem – The Literary Club is to open up possibilities that lie within the human spirit and enable the students to identify their talents and bring out their best, to enhance their literary skills and explore their dreams through drama and poetry. The mission of Carpe Diem – The Literary Club is to provide a platform to the students to exhibit and verbalize their imagination, originality and talents through a number of literary activities to exhibit their literary expression.

Clickmoments – The Photography Club contributes to photography and youth development by mobilizing the students to explore the world through the lens, and thereby write vivid volumes through every single snap. The club promises to create a creative platform for students to project their thoughts, emotions and imaginations related to life and society at large and reach out to practitioners of this art form outside the college and try to achieve mutual growth. Read More….

The community of the Good Samaritan Club of Echelon Institute of Technology is unified by vision of a better society achieved through the generation and transmission of knowledge, promotion of social justice and service to humanity among students. The motive of this club is to foster feelings of fellowship and amity among students. It channelizes the energy and strength of the youth for constructive purposes and to promote Red Cross Activities such as Blood Donation, Eye donation pledges and First-Aid Training for the students.

The Sports Club thrives to create a vibrant, healthy and progressive environment in Echelon that provides enjoyable playing opportunities and development of health. The mission of the club is to contribute towards the health and vitality of Echelon students by raising the profile of games and making sports opportunities more readily accessible and provide quality sporting facilities.

The motive of Mathematics Club is to develop computational skills, critical thinking and problem solving skill with knowledge of mathematics among the students. The motive of this club is to empower students to learn, formulate strategies for solving problems and acknowledge the importance of being intellectually curious throughout their academic and professional lives.

To provide, discuss and share knowledge in the field of Computer Science and build a platform where the students can work towards achieving their goals in the domain. The Club organizes various guest lectures and workshops and activities for students to enable knowledge imparting about recent developments in technologies to computer science & information technology domain. A record of quarterly activities enriches the quarterly newsletter “Spectrum” and half yearly magazine “Techne” with changing times and technologies….Read More

The Science Club is a motivation for all the Science lovers to explore new horizons of various fields of it. The club organizes events and questioners to brainstorm the students and make them aware of the environment they tend to thrive in. The vision of this club is to seamlessly integrate learning with fun of it.