The entire placement process is based on the general guidelines as appended below.

  1. Rules and Code of Conducts:

  1. Transparency, fairness and equal opportunity for all eligible students are the hallmarks of the placement process at College of Engineering.

  2. Whenever a company proposes a visit to the College of Engineering campus, it sends a letter of confirmation about the date of interview, which would be displayed on the notice boards. Those interested in attending the written test/GD/interview should register their names to the Training and Placement Cell of the College of Engineering.

  3. Once a student gets shortlisted by the corporate for going through the process of GD, Written Test etc, he/she cannot, on any account, withdraw from the process of that company. Violators will be debarred from further subsequent placement process.

  4. It will be the responsibility of the students to be extra careful in maintaining the basic decorum, discipline and decency at the time when the company representatives are on the campus for placement related activities or when they participate in the processes at the company’s premises. Any student violating these instructions will be liable for punitive measures.

  5. Students found improperly dressed will be disallowed from placement activities.

  6. Once a student is selected by the campus process he/she cannot avail of any more opportunities through the campus process.

  7. Students appearing for placement are expected to report at the time given and come well prepared by going though relevant literature such as the company website, company’s publicity material etc. They should be well groomed in formals, which would include:

  8. For Gentlemen: Shaven/full beard, neat and ironed clothes, well-groomed appearance. Full sleeves shirt and formal pants (Jeans & Khaki not allowed), leather shoes and a tie.

  9. For Ladies: Neat and ironed clothes, well- groomed appearance. Sari/ Business Suit/ Salwar- Kameez, Leather Sandals/Shoes.

  10. Not more than 7(seven) attempts can be availed of by any student in the final placement process.

  11. Students are not allowed to establish any kind of direct communication with any representative of the company. Questions can only be raised during PPT (Pre-Placement Talk) when allowed by the representative of the company. If clarifications are needed they should approach the TPC (Training & Placement Cell) for this purpose.

  12. Requirements of the company will be taken care of by the concerned members of the placement/ hospitality group while they are at College of Engineering premises or at long distance and any kind of communication to be sent has to be directed through TPC.

  13. Students are advised not to do anything directly or indirectly which may create a poor impression about the College of Engineering. Any student found disregarding any of the norms will be liable for disciplinary action.

  14. Non- compliance by the students of any activity organized by the College of Engineering in the interest of placements will be considered as an act of misconduct. Students found involved in such activities can be debarred from placement assistance in future. The decision of the TPC will be final and binding in this regard.

  15. Students are advised to abide by the final short listing done by the company according to their own felt needs and criteria, which shall not be called into question by any student either individually or by raising questions about this in the PPT. Violation of this rule will lead to the debarment of the student from the process. The PPT queries from students should be aimed at clarifying job profile, compensation, nature of business etc.

  16. Students also cannot call into question the short listing done by TPC as per recruiters’ instructions.

  17. TPC reserves the right to modify or introduce new rules as and when required, if circumstances warrant such moves.

  18. TPC wishes ‘best of luck’ to all its students.

  1. Placement Assistance:

Placement support is provided by College of Engineering to eligible students. This activity is done under the aegis of the Training & Placement Cells. Periodically, students would be informed through the TPC Notice Board about summer internships or final placement.

Actual placements would depend upon the general economic and industry scenario, the academic and non-academic competencies including good soft skills developed by each student as well as the cultural fit of each student vis-à-vis the company, as determined by the recruiters visiting the campus.

While every effort will be made to enable each student to compete effectively for various positions offered by companies, the actual conversion of the opportunity into a concrete placement is the sole responsibility of the student. College of Engineering, therefore, does not guarantee that a particular student will be placed irrespective of the student’s performance parameters.

The major components of the placement (summer or final) process are written/online test, G.D, Personal Interview, personality profiling etc. thorough domain knowledge, recruiters expect students to be totally updated on current national and world developments, especially those affecting the economy and the impact of such events on the industry or business for which the recruitment is taking place. The recruiter expects to see depth of understanding, analytical skills and originality in student responses, whether it be G.D. or Personal Interview. Needless to add that a good CPI and proficiency in some extracurricular activity such as active club participation will be a very valuable add on for the student, which can be acquired through hard work, extensive reading, especially of financial and general news papers besides study of the course curriculum and last but not least, by regularly attending the class lectures, guest lectures, workshops and seminars organized by College of Engineering.

Please remember that companies are looking for proactive, energetic, diligent, well rounded personalities who have indisputable integrity and values propagated by College of Engineering. The recruiter needs to sense the “hunger” for the job on offer for the candidate. College of Engineering will encourage and assist all students to emerge as credible brands in their own right who are sought after by the corporate.

  1. Placement Flowchart:



The entire placement process gets executed as per a detailed Action Plan prepared in advance at Echelon Institute of Technology.

  1. Accreditation & Collaborations:

International Accreditation by International Accreditation Organization (IAO), USA.

Tie-ups and collaborations with organisations like like NASSOCHEM CII, FICCI, CIDC, Microsoft Academy, Simplex Infrastructure Ltd.  Oracle, Cisco, IBM and Red-Hat.