Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities(ASH)

The Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities   is a vital component of Echelon which imparts superior quality education in the field of Applied Science (Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Engineering Chemistry and Environmental Studies) and Humanities (Communication Skills, Life Skills, Economics & Management). The vision of the Department is to produce competent engineering professionals having ethical & moral values with strong foundation in Physical Sciences, analytical & managerial skills and proficiency to communicate effectively with the external world.

Physics and Chemistry are dynamic and goal oriented with highly qualified & experienced faculty. Apart from teaching activities, the department conducts research in new and fascinating areas. The Physics Department has two labs well equipped with latest instruments & apparatus. The chemistry lab helps the students in implementing the theoretical approaches of chemistry by conducting various experiments in the lab.

Mathematics  is not just theorem oriented as the emphasis is also on understanding the mathematical concepts and applying theses concepts to solve various problems. Moreover, the Numerical Methods Lab helps to employ the mostly used numerical techniques in different engineering fields.

Humanities helps the students to develop adequate communication skills so that they can acquire, analyse, store, retrieve and exchange information at various levels of communication. The Department has the proud distinction of maintaining a language lab with the aim to acquaint the students with various phases of language learning.

Life Skills & Communication helps the students acquire their life skills so that they can be futuristic in their approach. Life skills are today essential to promote mental health and competence in the youth in order to help them face challenges and realities of work and life.

Economics & Management  helps the students acquire analytical abilities so as to interpret the ideas developed by economists and inculcate managerial skills to manage the goings-on of a workplace and life at large.

Environmental Studies helps to develop a holistic understanding of environmental issues and sensitizes the students on subjects like climate change, loss of biodiversity, land degradation and other issues of ecological significance.

In addition to their key teaching responsibilities, a number of faculty members have been contributing their scholarly articles in national as well as international journals of repute. They have also been attending national as well as international conferences to keep themselves abreast of the latest researches and developments in their subject.